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"Meet Our Hospital Director and Administrator"

Our Management Team

At St Joseph's Hospital Karuvanchal, exceptional healthcare begins with exceptional leadership. Allow us to introduce you to the heart of our hospital's management: our Hospital Director and Administrator.

Hospital Director

Fr. Sabu Cheriyan Puthussery
Sabu Cheriyan, as the Hospital Director at St Joseph's Hospital Karuvanchal, is the visionary leader responsible for guiding the hospital's strategic direction and overall management. He excels in financial management, staff leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement.
His dedication to excellence ensures that we remain at the forefront of healthcare innovation, delivering compassionate care to our community.


Fr. Aneesh Manavath
Fr. Aneesh, our Hospital Administrator, ensures the smooth daily operations that keep our hospital running seamlessly. With a background in healthcare administration, Fr. Aneesh is the guardian of our resources, ensuring they are allocated wisely to provide optimal patient care.
His steadfast commitment ensures that every aspect of our hospital experience is designed with our patients in mind.